‘EVM activist Hari Prasad is a hero, not a thief’

Best article ever on EVMs and Hari Krishna Prasad

What wrong has he committed? He is the general manager of a reputed firm in Hyderabad and has been an activist involved in this movement since the very beginning. He has the best interest of the country in mind. Consider that Hari Prasad has not entertained a single offer to tamper with an EVM from politicians. Politicians from the northeast offered lucrative sums to learn how to tamper with the EVMs but they were rejected. It is a matter of shame and travesty of justice that the Election Commission instead of appreciating the acts of such heroes should stoop to intimidation and try and punish them.

Hari Prasad’s actions are similar to those of activists in US and Europe and they are respected for it. For instance, Dr Alex Halderman who worked with Hari Prasad in hacking the Indian EVM has also hacked a EVM used in the US elections and he was employed by State of California Secretary of State to expose the vulnerabilities of the EVMs used in California.

Read the complete article: http://news.rediff.com/interview/2010/aug/24/


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