Finally what did Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad get by trying to prove that Electronic Voting Machines are vulnerable to tampering?

A tag name called “thief” and investigation by IB (Intelligence Bureau) and RAW (Research and Analysis Wing, India’s secret intelligence service)

It makes clear in the minds of common people that all the charges are clearly orchestrated. Central Government is opposing his suggestions because they are under the purview that Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad is raising his voice against them, which is a fallacy.  Whereas Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad is trying to prove that the Electronic Voting Machines have many loopholes through which they can be tampered.  His campaign is not against any particular party or government.  As a responsible citizen of India, he want to make sure that the Indian Democracy is free and fair, and nobody is taking undue advantage of the loopholes.

To support Hari Krishna Prasad, raise your voice by voting here and at

I request all the technologists and responsible citizens of India to join their voice together for the release of Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad and make the Election Commission implement his suggestions for a better democracy.

If any further pressure is put on Hari Krishna Prasad, this would directly imply that the ruling government doesn’t want the machines be rectified out of loopholes or they are trying the suppress the voice of genuine researchers working for the betterment of our nation.

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