Is arrest an answer for common citizen in India?

Is arrest an answer for common citizen in India for raising his voice against the vulnerability of our democracy for tampering, through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)?

Is this what responsible technologists get for using their skills for a better nation?

Raise your voice by supporting this concern:

Yes, in India arrest is the only answer if you are a normal citizen and if you raise your voice against any vulnerability, which challenges the politically backed bureaucratic system.

Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad, an ordinary technologist from Hyderabad was arrested on Saturday morning from his home for demonstrating the vulnerability of EVMs to tampering.

Dr. J.Alex Halderman, Mr.Hari Krishna Prasad and Mr.Rop Gonggrijp

Dr. J.Alex Halderman, Mr.Hari Krishna Prasad and Mr.Rop Gonggrijp

Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad with Dr. J. Alex Halderman, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan and Mr.Rop Gonggrijp, a technology activist from Holland, conducted a thorough research on the vulnerabilities of Indian Voting Machines to tampering.  The team was successful in establishing multiple techniques to hack or tamper our Indian Electronic Voting Machines, which we use in all our elections.  These voting machines play a crucial role in deciding which government is formed.  If these machines can be tampered, are we assured that the vote we cast, is cast for the right government in the world’s largest democracy?

I request all the citizens of India and activists from the world to raise their voice against the arrest of Mr. Hari Krishna Prasad and promote a tamper proof democracy.

Let us not go back on technology; let us make it accountable through:

Electronic Voting Machine (Open Source) + Paper Receipt = Safe Democracy

Research Paper and Video:

This paper authored by Mr.Hari Krishna Prasad, Dr. J.Alex Halderman and Mr.Rop Gonggrijp, has topped the list of papers submitted at 17th ACM Conference on Computers and Communications Security.  Industry leaders like Microsoft Research, Google, IBM Research, US Army Research Office and Others back this program.

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Last Conversation with Hari Prasad (Audio File)

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